liebster award

liebster award

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ACT Readiness- pt 4- Standards Functions

 The next standard is functions. All questions in this standard are applicable ONLY to the ACT, not the Plan or Explore tests.  There are generally not a lot of trigonometric questions on the ACT, but here is where most of them will be found.

There is only 1 example for this standard.  It is, predictably, a trigonometric example.

 I know the temptation is to get a numeric answer, but let me remind you that ACT questions are supposed to be written in a way that they can be solved WITHOUT a calculator (and I don't know the sin,cos or tan of 70 degrees off the top of my head).

For my students, let's first review the Unit Circle and a Real life Trigonometric Function.  Do a web-search for data relating to another real life trigonometric function and copy data which could be graphed to be trigonometric, please send it to me.