liebster award

liebster award

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tis hard to say if greater want of skill appear in writing or in judging ill, let such teach others, whom themselves excell, and censure freely those written well......

Alexander Pope got it,  even if modern philosophers don't.

When will we ever use this....  Math is the universal language....  Yes, this will be on the test.

I hate it when parents accept a deficiency in math as a familial trait when they know full well that they, themselves never really tried their best in math themselves.

Show me a doctor, I'll show you someone who tries their best in math.  Show me an engineer and I'll show you someone who tried their best in math. Show me a nurse and I'll show you someone who tried their best (and likely worked for it) in math.   Math is about looking at a problem and coming up with a step by step method of looking for a way out of it.   Math is about logic and procedures and About creativity.

I've only got a first blog once, so here goes.   Personal responsibility is key.   Parents need to understand that any given teacher likely only has 3/4ths, at best, of a year to influence a student.  You've got 18 years, and more influence than we have.   Every kid SHOULD have a bad teacher at least once, so the good ones really shine.   (Thank you Mr. Moreau and S BOLLAN).  And so that the student learns that doing less than their best shouldn't be an option.

Failing schools should be allowed, nay expected(!) to FAIL students!!!!!  if students who are below benchmarks are passed, it helps NO ONE!!  Especially not the kids.  Self esteem comes from accomplishing something worthy of ESTEEM.  (Shocking concept)

If you are a teacher, and you are not keeping up with the latest research and discussion in your discipline, then you're not doing your JOB.   Finding 10-12 good blogging teachers in your discipline and following, and interacting with them, is immensely necessary!

If you're a student, then please ask questions.  I don't have all the answers, and truthfully I shouldn't have them all.    I, too, am a student, just one undergoing self-created goals and lessons -- know what?
I won't stop til I'm done (all together)