liebster award

liebster award

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I have a plea and a request...but I also have an idea I would love help with PLEASE #Math #desmos #google #getkahoot #mtbos

I love how Kahoot energizes a class.   I love that it shifts the environment and lets me see my kids in a different way.

I dream of a similar game which would be usable through Google for Education, as an app.

My image is one in which all students get a copy of the same 4 graphs.  After looking at them for a teacher determined amount of time (in a small group or individually) that the students are presented with an equation - or a description - and asked to eliminate one of the choices.  At this point a timer might be set, discussion time may be given or an immediate (private) vote could be done  [A,B,C,D]  Nice formative assessment

Groups might all vote as a block.  Or maybe well considered splits might develop even within the groups.  Now ask them to discuss either why that last one was eliminated or explain why another one could be removed.  Again after discussion voting can ensue, or the teacher may ask groups to share their discussions.  More formative or even early summative assessment

They can discuss again or go right to picking which one of the two remaining graphs is correct, or options would be available for a more discussion, voting and then the reveal.

I would likely want to be able to follow up with 1 or more similar pages.  I definitely would love kooky music, with the option of being able to put in one's own.  Finding a way to export the data collected as well as add that same data to ongoing graphs of (individual) achievement (can be the same as grades, but does not have to.  ie, if I am collecting data on whether a student is achieving or losing comprehension of a particular learning goal. (types, slope, x-intercept, y-intercept, length, angle, intersection(s),domain, range, etc) more opportunities for formative/summative evaluation)

I imagined this as a website that I could put together for use in my own classroom (with google forms collecting the information) but when I started thinking of building the graphs and copying each one it just seemed easier to give a shout out and see if someone, ahem DESMOS, Kahoot or Google. might make my dream come true.

I admit I might have set the bar quite high, but don't we always tell our students to aim for the stars?

Happy Belated birthday bro (Josh)  <=== he complained that I've had a blog and don't mention him j/k