liebster award

liebster award

Friday, August 22, 2014

ACT Readiness -pt 7- Graphical Representations

The next Standard relates to Graphical Representation.  These problems will either require a student to read information out of a graph, ie slope; or they will require a student to describe what happens to the graph, given a set of numbers or equation.

Upon first glance, I notice that many of the skills listed include an asterisk.  These standards are assessed on the ACT and Plan tests, but not the Explore test. Standards with a dagger are only assessed on the ACT.

The two examples here are higher leveled questions.  The first one requires that you understand how points change when a shape is translated in the coordinate plane.  The second one is interesting as the axes are not labeled with regard to scale, but the instructions tell you the scale is the same which is critically important to answer this question.  Do you understand how the answers were reached?

My students, ask yourself, how good do you understand the skills listed in the matrix?  Do you feel you could do each of these skills if asked?   Let's play taboo again:  Please list 5 more words to be restricted when trying to describe slope, ie rise/run.  Do the same with Parallel, Perpendicular,Vertex and Center (of a circle).  Email these to me, same email address as before.