liebster award

liebster award

Monday, August 4, 2014

ACT Readiness - Pt 3 - Measurement and Plane Figures

This one will be a two-fer as these standards are generally covered in Geometry (rather than Algebra).

 Area and Perimeter of common shapes are usually pretty straightforward for students, unless they confuse the two.  Additionally, at times a formula may be given and being able to identify what each letter in the formula represents may be tricky.

Lots of triangle material here.  Pythagorean Theorem is listed in two of the score ranges, and after the session the Global Math Department had on it a few months ago, even I learned something. I've got to come up with a way to share some of those insights with my students.

For my students, tackle this Activity.  There are 5 parts, try each one and don't give up until you understand the theorem and can apply it to solve problems.