liebster award

liebster award

Monday, November 18, 2013

Testing day MADE for MATH

Today I'm giving my Pre Calculus students a test (on matrices and rational expressions) and while going through my standard testing procedure checklist I rattled off my warning speech.  I made the first part up about 10 years ago and added a second part to it a couple years back.  The students find it amusing and each trimester many of them try to memorize it.

Here goes...

You may “look down in concentration”
Or up for inspiration
You may not, however, look to either side
Or behind you out of desperation
To do so means I will draw a pretty circular illustration (on the top of your page)
And you get to deal with your parents’ frustration
And consternation.

Alternatively, if you are struggling with stressful perspiration
And are led into plagiaristic temptation
You may find yourself on academic probation
And suffer familial humiliation.  

I had not planned to post this, but the students in my 3rd hour class insisted and I figured it might make a quirky made for math Monday posting.

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