liebster award

liebster award

Friday, November 8, 2013

It took me too long to figure out MTBoS #5

That my job should be all about getting kids from utter frustration, feeling like they just can't do it, to convincing them that they can (even if it appears to me that its unlikely).   If I don't at some point make a student have to look at math differently, not just a student, but every student, then I'm not what I want to be as a teacher.

It's at that point, when math looks strange is where growth in our subject occurs.

The difficult, woefully ill prepared, students give us this opportunity the most.   I know I need to get better at engaging them.   I want them to know, I want them to see and experience what I see in Mathematics.   I'm trying different things with different groups of students.  We'll see what comes of it.

Thank you, to the whole #MTBoS.  I'm better than I was and I will be better than I am.   I joke with my students that when I retire the tech in my classroom will be so magical that I won't ever want to leave.  I know that the real magic is the kids.   You all have helped me see that.  If I'm following you, please know it is because I'm in awe.

For the peeps doing the chats I attend, know you're among the very best.  #statschat , #precalcchat , #MSMathchat , #Alg2chat .

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