liebster award

liebster award

Thursday, September 5, 2013

School Has started....

I began classes on Tuesday, which annoyingly was a half-day.  While I understand that this allows the students to ease their way back into classes, it also barely gives time for attendance, scheduling issues and then something to set the tone.

I said I was going to do math on day 1, and I'm happy yo say that on day 1 I did math!  I did the 4-square activity that I had stated I would do.  In most of the classes, it worked well given the time constraint and kids were very much still talking about it the next day.

Wednesday was even less productive in 2 of my classes because of class meetings (in my 2nd and 4th hours I had less than 20% of the students actually in class).

Today I handed out notebooks and introduced the idea of an interactive notebook.  we taped a rules page on the back of the front cover and for those students who had already gotten their syllabii signed, that went there too.  We made the first page our "unit table of contents" and made 2 foldables for the 1st topic.

 Tomorrow I am planning on doing the Marshmallow Challenge. I figure it should be a good team building activity as I know our students generally find working in groups to be a challenge (some just coast, while others take over).

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