liebster award

liebster award

Friday, September 20, 2013


I'm not yet able to go SBG, but I'm on my way.  I told students they could reassess standards for 2 weeks after the original assessment, if they have the original questions signed and they complete a remediation assignment.   1 week after quiz and NO ONE has asked for the reassessment assignment.

I'm a bit bothered.   I WANT my students practicing and reassessing, but I want them ready once they reassess ( unlike when they first took the assessment).

My options are not great.

1. Nag the student.  (I don't respond we'll to nagging, personally)
2. Call home and tell on the student. ( goodbye relationship )
3.  Ummm... You'd think Harry Wong would have covered this

I don't want to extend my deadline.  I think I might have to bend on this one, but I believe when I say something it should be as true as I can make it.  ( especially with so many students having little stability at home)
I want students to reassess.  I want to only deal with reassessments for a limited amount of time.  I want students reassessing to have worked on the material ahead of time.  I want the parents aware that reassessing is taking place and that their student is struggling with a concept.  I want my students LEARNING.  What a concept.

I'm thinking for this first quiz I am going to conference with students.  It will cost me class time, something I jealously hate losing.  I will make a student conference form, to document the discussion.  I want the students to understand my goals in offering reassessment and requiring something from them to be able to reassess.

I'm not sure how my student conferences will go.  I will start on Tuesday (as I will be on a field trip this Monday).  I figure if I keep myself to between 3-5 minutes that I should get most of them done by Thursday. Given that I cannot speak to all of the students before Thursday, I will need to extend the deadline for this quiz to reassess.  I am thinking that adding an additional week is appropriate.  This also has the added benefit of opening the window until just before my grades are due for progress reports.

I started on this post and accidentally published it before I had a chance to go back through it and review my thoughts.  I have another thought regarding doing a similar conference with both the parent(s) and the student.  I'm not sure that, upon reflection, it is the direction I wish to take this idea at this time.

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  1. I've been struggling with this too! I do get some reassessment requests but they go on to get the same score (despite promising me they've reviewed and are ready).

    I really don't want to use a class day for reassessment, but I might just do it to get my AP class up to speed.