liebster award

liebster award

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Twitter Math Camp 2013

Ok, I didn't get to go.  Wish I could have, but it would have required more planning than I was able to pull off this year (and my wife had foot surgery 2 weeks ago and has been couch-ridden ever since).

I followed as best I could on twitter and by reading blogs, and now that it is over I can't wait to see what great kinds of collaboration have occurred and what kinds of ideas people have taken home with them.  If you haven't seen the program list then (look here).  Reading through this course list alone gave me ideas on ways to think about what I am trying to accomplish with my own students.  It has also given me a list of things which I really want to see someone, preferably both a presenter and a observer, post a blog regarding. 

I don't know much about GeoGebra, I've heard of it but that is about it.  Looks like something I might want to learn more about.  As I'm looking to use Interactive Notebooks, Megan Hayes-Golding's presentation would have been a great one.  I saw David Wees name in the listing after Megan's presentation, and then saw him on twitter. Next thing I knew I had spent 2.5 hours reading his blog.  Hedge, I'll drop and give you 20 if you share your presentation on your blog.

Even without being there I've been thinking, growing and planning.  There is a whole bunch of us out here who didn't get the opportunity to go, but in a way impossible a few short years ago we were participating. We're teaching during an era where things are changing at an incredible pace.  I'm not sure what changes will come to our profession in the next decade, I do know many of the people who will be helping to make and understand those changes

This post is dedicated to all the teachers who participated in Twitter Math Camp 2013, in person or from their own homes.  


  1. I saw the title of your post and thought "How did I miss meeting him!!", then read further. Next year!!!
    Love hearing the view from the outside. You didn't mention Desmos though, that was a huge part of tmc13!
    Yeah, my goal is to get in some geogebra time in the next few weeks to see how I'm gonna use it in geometry.

  2. How could I forget Desmos? I'm such a fan of the online calculator that I am already planning my arguments for when I am called into the office about using it more than the 1000's spent on TI Nspires in my classroom (though I guess the use of Desmos justifies the expense of getting Ipads for my class).

    I can't wait to meet you, and so many others, at TMC in the future.