liebster award

liebster award

Monday, April 14, 2014

Made For Math Monday *Rational Expressions*

Been a while since I've written one of these.  I am finding that my students are slowly, but surely getting the concept of identifying discontinuities in graphs of rational expressions.  We've been looking at them pretty piecemeal up until now, though.

I wanted to get them practicing and its always more fun when there is folding and coloring involved, so we made cootie catchers!  I used a template from Teach Inspire Prepare Students (TIPS) which was a lifesaver as I am really not good at getting word to do what I want with regard to writing sideways in text boxes.

When completed the cootie catcher is assessed by simply looking at the colors each of the innermost pieces are colored.  I am including the file I made (from the earlier mentioned template) as well as the instructions and a scanned completed page.

Here is the pre-solved cootie catcher Cootie Catcher Rational Discontinuities.  Below you can see a completed version.  I liked having the students do different colors for the various discontinuities because high school students always love an excuse to color something in (and it makes it sooo much easier to see how the students have done).

As an aside, primarily because I started this posting 3 weeks ago, I can say that the group of students with whom I used this activity did particularly well on the portion of the rational expressions assessment which dealt with discontinuities.

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