liebster award

liebster award

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MTBoS challenge #2

I've been on twitter since April, I think.

I teach in a small urban high school.   Of the 6 math teachers at the school, only I am really online with regard to anything at all relating to math.

The MTBoS is the math department I could never have imagined belonging to.  I find the relationships I have formed in twitter to be just as fulfilling and enriching as many of my off-line friendships.

WHO would i like to meet:  TheJLV. If I met you in real life I'd hug you and invite you to meet my students.  I hoped you see the promise in the future of this country and its citizens.   I recognize that we're not there yet, but the next generation is very accepting and non-prejudicial in a way no previous generation ever was.  He understands that equality in education, mathematics especially is key.  If you've not followed him, you should be.

WHY twitter ROCKS:  If you don't know about twitter chats, please let me inform you.   This is the most valuable thing about twitter to me.  On Mondays I participate in #alg2chat a forum in which topics, standards or whatever you want relating to alg2 , by alg2 teachers is discussed.  On Thursdays I participate in #statschat and #precalcchat, at the same time and haven't left a chat without something valuable each time I've participated.  The #msmathchat on Monday nights has trended on twitter overall a number of times recently.  Props to you guys!!

Then again there is my MTBoS crush... Fawn Nguyen...but that's another post...

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